My name is Vaughn Teegarden.

I’m into computers, photography, and tinkering; hiking, kayaking, and the outdoors in general. I really love being a father.

In my life I’ve done everything from R&D work in a lab, to demolition, to being a webmaster for a major travel company. I’ve done civil engineering, prototyped hospital electronics, and managed development teams.

Currently I am project manager for a healthcare tech startup. I’m also enjoying doing Android development.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am looking for an app that will do the following:

    • Once the battery dies down, and the unit is plugged in, I would like the tablet to automatically come on to the program that I am using, without having to press the power button on the tablet. I do not anyone to have access to the power button at all.

    Are you aware of any App that will do this ?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated

    Thank you


  2. hello can you help me creating kiosk mode for my application? It is a hybrid application and it uses wifi and camera.

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